Featherlite Guitars


!It's Wood.....we can fix it

Repair and Refinish Work.......period replication of materials and processes

From and new set of strings to neck resets and major body repairs.....we can do it all.
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    Set Ups
    Even the cheapest guitar can invite you to play, if it feels right.Let Featherlite set it up to YOUR playing style. We can make a difference.
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    Cracks and Dings
    Some instruments seem to benefit from the occasional ding ties that gives them the character and stories that make it your guitar. Others.....well....it's just a travesty. We can make a lot of things 'go away'.
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    Finish Work
    Conversion Varnish, Nitrocellulose, French polish..........Whether it's a matching color patch, hiding a crack repair or a complete refinish, we have the products and methods. On vintage repairs, we are meticulous about minimal application of period/manufacturer correct materials.
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    Why does it buzz....??
    There are a lot of things that can create a buzz on your instrument. We're pretty good at fixing this......
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    String Angle / 'Bellying' of the Top Plate
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    Hardware/Pick Ups
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    Guitars for Sale
    We buy, repair and sell guitars. Check out our current stock!